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Raleigh Mine is the owner of 7 different companies that apply every facet of mining, industrial and commercial needs. Each operates, independently, and yet all work together. In other words, when you call one, you get us all. And we pool our resources to provide whatever you need.

We offer a complete line of products that support mining, industrial and commercial business applications. We’ve listed a general summary of the products we commonly supply. But our core business is to provide all your business and operational needs. So we adapt to acquire every particular need of each customer. From the most common industrial tool or part, to the candy you keep in the office. If we don’t stock it, we’ll secure it and deliver it—whatever, whenever and wherever you need it. We’ll even provide the human resource skill to support it. It’s as simple as that.

Mine supplies:

We stock a full range of mining equipment, tools and supplies. From mining bits, roof bolts, 48” steel beams and more.

Industrial supplies:

We supply bolts, nuts, rags, grease and other products that support industrial operations.

Steel and construction products:

We supply wire mesh, concrete mats, filter fabric, Sonneborn products, concrete chemicals, sealants, culvert pipe and rebar for construction.


We stock rebar in number sizes 1-11 to accommodate the smallest to largest commercial building projects. Our fabrication shop is equipped with a shear line that will cut and bend according to CRSI standards and your job specifications. A modern software system allows us to estimate, tag and detail jobs in an efficient and cost effective manner. And we deliver to your location on time.

Safety Products:

Our Safety Products Division is managed by a highly experienced and well-trained staff that understands the industry and how to meet your safety requirements. We stock a wide variety of brand name products at competitive pricing that is available for immediate delivery. We also provide complete technical assistance.

BVF Supermine:

This woven, coated material complies with CFR 30, 75.333 (d) 1. It has excellent air control capabilities, superior flexibility, is highly durable and will not crack, flake or peel. It may be purchased in standard 8” widths up to 100 feet in length, but other widths and lengths can be customized to your needs. We can also fabricate various size curtains for underground rubber roll up doors that meet regulation standards for this material.

Re-manufactured Heavy Duty Truck Parts:

We provide re-manufactured parts for 6-wheeler to 18-wheeler trucks of all makes and sizes and distribute across the country to dealers, wholesalers and companies that maintain their own fleet. We also re-manufacture parts for rock haulers and surface trucks used in the mining industry.

New & Used conveyor belts:

We supply new and used conveyor belts of all sizes and specifications, plus the labor needed to install and service.


Air Lock Doors & Mine Doors:

We provide standard mine doors and also, the only air controlled door that meets MSHA specifications.

And More:

It’s not about our products and services. It’s about your need. We’ve supplied office candy, outdoor grills and pork for company picnics, even a clown for entertainment. You tell us what you need. We’ll tell you, “yes, we provide that.”