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Welcome to Raleigh Mine and Industrial Supply Inc.

Raleigh Mine & Industrial Supply, Inc. is a single source provider of top-quality products and services for mining, commercial and industrial operations. Our 24/7 service includes a fleet of trucks that delivers what you need, where and when you need it. Although national in scope, we’re regional in service, with offices strategically located within 100 miles of all major coalproducing companies in the eastern United States. This allows us to respond to you quickly, but with a local, personal touch.

We support every facet of mining, commercial and industrial operations – whether it’s a product, a service or the human skill that applies it. We have a simple and straight forward company philosophy.

The customer is our #1 priority. We are the only call you ever have to make for all your needs.

We deliver “one stop” shopping services in cooperation with our wholly owned subsidiaries that cross a broad spectrum of mining, commercial and industrial supply products and services. Each company operates independently and yet all work together to meet your need. When you call one of us, you get us all.

Whether your need is big or small, new or used, common or special. Call us first. We’ll make sure it’s your last call.



Mouldagraph Corporation

“When we had to deliver product to a customer on Christmas Eve, WV Steel, a Raleigh company, delivered to us. You won’t find better service than that anywhere!”