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We provide services on your site and ours including: Office moving, securing your highwall, repairing your mine machines, thawing your water lines, etc. When in doubt, ask. Our goal is to deliver what you need, where and when you need it.


Electric & Communications

Our in-house team of experienced electricians provides turn-key service that covers the whole spectrum of electrical power and communications. We keep you online and in touch within your facility, between facilities and with the outside world. Our ability to do it all insures a seamlessly integrated system that operates smoothly and dependably. This includes comprehensive expertise for installation and service that comply with regulated standards for the following:

Fiber Optics—The ideal channel for quickly transferring large amounts of data over long distances such as between facilities.

CAT 5—A cost-effective solution for connecting applications within a local facility such as networks, processors and controllers.


Phone Systems—We set poles, run lines and install other necessary equipment the required distance from drop-off points to your location. We also provide complete wiring for inside your facility and to the mine as well. Because our technicians are familiar with mining operations, we understand the nature of your needs and how to meet them.

Above Ground Construction:

We provide all the skills and services needed for mine preparation plants, overland conveyor systems and maintenance services. Whether you’re installing a mine, a commercial or industrial building, we access all the needed resources. We supply Kirby Buildings for your installation or we’ll build them “turnkey”.  


Our engineering department will assist in your technical and precision requirements to insure that products perform to required specifications and your projects are successfully completed as planned.

Plate Cutting Services:

Our CNC controlled plasma burning table is capable of cutting up to a 6” plate in various shapes and sizes.  

Electrical Services Above & Below Ground:

We provide high, medium & low voltage installations for all electrical services that are either above or below the ground.

Temporary Employee Service:

We’ll provide whatever skilled worker you need to fix, install, service or operate the product or complete the work you need done.

Steel Fabrication:

We provide steel fabrication up to 2,000 tons. So whether you need a lawnmower deck welded or steel girders manufactured for a commercial building, we handle the job.  

Belt Rolling & Belt Slitting:

We roll up belts on your site or our facility so they can be stored or transported to another location. And we buy them from you when you no longer need them. We also split them so they can be adapted to particular applications.

Track Installation:

We install track for underground coal mines including both manual and fully automated turn-outs.



Vulcanized Splice Installation:

We install vulcanized splices when you need to repair or create an endless belt.

Underground Construction:

We provide complete, underground mine construction according to Federal and State mandates. This includes facing it up, advancing underground as needed, establishing the outside canopy and installing the fan and ductwork.  

Underground Slope Construction:

We develop slopes for underground coal mines as needed. This includes constructing and cementing the slope, establishing an airway and laying down track.   


Mine Rehabilitation:

We rehabilitate mines to modern standards and according to Federal and State requirements. Whether you are re-opening a closed mine, re-directing or modernizing an existing one, we provide all the expertise required to complete the job.

And there’s more:

It’s not about our products and services, it’s about your need. For example, when vandals turned over transformers in an old coal mine and the entire operation was threatened with a shut down, we came in to assist.

First we gathered pumps, pipe and supplies from several states, including Colorado. Then we entered the abandoned mine shaft to establish air, set a pump and install 3,000 feet of SDR pipe. Water was extracted to surface ponds in order to recycle the oil that contaminated the old mine. Not only was the job completed successfully, but mining operations experienced no down time.

What does this mean to you? Simple. You tell us what you need. We’ll tell you, “yes, we provide that.”