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We take a hands-on, management approach and our management team works alongside the rest of our staff. That’s because our focus is on the needs of our customers and not position status within our company. All of our companies operate under the same administrative structure.

The management team is streamlined for effective decision-making, a high level of teamwork and efficient customer response. Team members work closely with one another onsite and with the management team at our other companies. If what you need is not at your local facility, we’ll network with everyone else to find it and get it to you. It’s as simple as that.

Each management team operates independently and is fully authorized to handle problems and make decisions at the local level. Your request is never delayed by a decision going up a corporate ladder. And decisions are always based on the best interest of the customer. This significantly speeds up response time and increases customer satisfaction. In addition, when you are a customer, you receive complete contact information for our entire management team including e-mail addresses, office phone numbers, cell phone numbers and home numbers. You will always be able to reach someone that can respond to you in a timely manner.

Each location is staffed with the following positions. All three are equal. They do not work for one another, but they do work together for the customer.

Warehouse Manager: Oversees the warehouse. He schedules all customer deliveries, receiving and shipping supplies and tracking inventory.

Inside Sales and Purchasing Manager: Buys products, tracks inventory, communicates with customers, transacts sales, and solves problems with customers and vendors.

Administrative Manager: Sets up new credit, supervises accounts receivable and accounts payable, handles billing, manages information systems and oversees the rest of staff.