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We started in 1978 with a determination to build a reputation for superior customer service. We believed in a commitment to excellence, personal integrity and delivering what we promised to our customers. We still do.

The old building we rented at the beginning was furnished with a couple of lawn chairs, a telephone and a yellow legal pad. But we delivered what we said we would. And for us, that made it worth it.

At first we concentrated on mine supplies. But we decided that rather than sell a select inventory of products to a variety of customers, we preferred to develop ongoing relationships with customers and supply everything they needed for their entire operation.

Through this personal approach, we began to understand our customer’s need and even anticipate them. We learned to be creative in our methods, to solve problems and to build trust. We also became very adept at acquiring whatever a customer requested. In the process, we began to acquire whole companies.

As our business grew, we moved into our new building, added more phones and a whole box of yellow legal pads. Our acquisitions continued to expand as did our customer base. We decided we must be on to something.

Today, we own 7 companies that work together for the same driving purpose: To supply everything our customer needs. Our access to products and services crosses the breadth of mining, commercial and industrial operations. We provide everything you can think of and things you probably would never imagine. That’s because our original commitment remains unchanged. Just give us a call. Our answer is still, “Yes, we provide that.”

Executive Statement

Our core business is supplying customers. We will deliver the product, the service, or the person you require to support your business operations to the location of your choice. Your need is our priority. Whether it’s steel girders for a commercial building, landscaping for the plant entrance or bags of candy for the office. When you call, our response is, “yes, we provide that.”