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Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction provides complete engineering design and installation for the mining industry.Although we specialize in mining preparation plants and have served mines throughout West Virginia and Kentucky, we’ve also built skyscrapers, hospitals, schools and other industrial and commercial facilities.

We provide all the skills and services needed for mine preparation plants, overland conveyor systems and maintenance services. Whether you’re installing a mine, a commercial or industrial building, we access all the needed resources. We also supply Kirby Buildings for your installation or we’ll build them “turnkey”.

Our skilled workers have 20 years or more experience in the construction industry and are equipped to handle the largest building project with 15-ton, 17-ton and 23 ½-ton boom trucks and 40-ton, 60-ton and 65-ton cranes.

Electrical Division

Our electrical division primarily supports Engineering and Construction, but is a fully independent, electrical contractor that covers the whole spectrum of electrical power and communications. We provide high, medium & low voltage installations for all electrical services that are either above or below the ground.

We keep you online and in touch within your facility, between facilities and with the outside world. Our ability to do it all insures a seamlessly integrated system that operates smoothly and dependably. This includes comprehensive expertise for installation and service that comply with regulated standards for the following:

Fiber Optics—The ideal channel for quickly transferring large amounts of data over long distances such as between facilities.

CAT 5—A cost-effective solution for connecting applications within a local facility such as networks, processors and controllers.

Phone Systems—We set poles, run lines, build substations, and install other necessary equipment the required distance from drop-off points to your location. We also provide complete wiring for inside your facility and to the mine as well. Because our technicians are familiar with mining operations, we understand the nature of your needs and how to meet them.

Our qualified professionals are certified through EMSHA or the State Fire Marshal and have the tools, equipment and experience to successfully handle electrical projects of any magnitude. We do it right and according to specifications.